We apologise for the delay in publishing book two of this series. Unfortunately the book was delayed due to illness and move of residence on the author’s part.

The book is almost ready however and we are aiming for a release on kindle in December this year and a print version in 2017.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused by the delay but we hope that Book 2 will be worth the wait and the author has promised that Book 3 will follow very quickly as he is working on both at the same time.

Thank you for your patience.

Release date….

December 8th 2016

Cover illustration: The Rowan Tree by Laura Tolton

Danger grows. Disorder rules…

As the mysterious tree on Glastonbury Tor exerts its powerful effects on the world, it buys time for Tilly and Zack to disappear.

Back in the world of power and politics, the layers of hidden history begin to unpeel and the most powerful and dangerous force of all begins to reveal itself.

Meanwhile, Tilly and Zack are on the move. They are working fast to uncover the second key. But what they have to learn in order to succeed, might just be as dangerous as failing…

Available for Pre-order from Amazon

amazon.co.uk      amazon.com

Bookshops can order via Central Books London Ltd    


Orders can also be placed via Gardners and Bertrams.


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