Based in West Cork, Ireland we operate on a shoestring (literally!) but that hasn’t stopped us from getting our books out to the world.

It would be easier of course if we had a huge budget or a wonderfully generous patron, but as it is, it’s just us and we love what we do!

Dance with Life was published in 2004 and, is still in print and still selling.

Our new series, Tilly Greenway and the Secrets of the Ancient Keys- Book One: Watchers is doing very well and just a few weeks after its release on, it hit top place in the young adult fiction chart!

As a small publisher we find it harder to get into the bookshops than the bigger publishers do, so please go in and order copies of our books to help get them on the shelves or buy our kindle editions if you prefer your books in electronic form.

In Ireland, we are represented by Russell Books and distributed by Easons and Argosy.

In the UK we are represented by Global Books and distributed by Central Books Ltd., London.

Please support us and keep this little independent publisher alive!

Follow us on twitter @katypress or on facebook – Katy Press

A selection of our books….


Tilly Greenway and the Secrets of the Ancient Keys – Book One: Watchers by Essi Tolling

The first instalment in our young-adult epic fantasy saga series is available from and can be ordered in bookshops throughout the UK and Ireland. Book Two: The Hidden Hand will be released in December 2016 on Kindle and in 2017 in print.

Dance with Life by JM Hurley. The paperback book can be purchased at

Following customer requests we have also made a kindle version available. It has a different cover but the content is the same.

The Kindle version is on and

Angel Prayers and Messages by JM Hurley & Rosie Ismail, is currently out of print in paperback but a kindle version  is now available.

Interested customers can buy it from or

For Wholesale Ordering information please go to our Wholesale Ordering page

We aim to publish books that inspire, educate and uplift.


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